Chicago Jazz & Blues: A photographer's view Opening and Award Ceremony

In conjunction with the Annual Hyde Park Jazz Festival (Sep 23-24, 2017) and Logan Center Bluesfest (Oct 13-14, 2017) the Logan Center stages a juries exhibition celebrating Chicago's vibrant jazz and blues scene and showcasing the talents of 33 Chicago area photographers whose works includes original images of some of Chicago's most loved musicians. Winner of Best Color Image.

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Artbeat and Silent Chicago

In my last ArtBeat for the year, I've painted in front of a crowd of 400+ following the theme of reliving childhood while teaming up with Silent Chicago. I created custom light boxes out of old televisions which showed stills from a fictional cartoon I've also created called "Trey and the Devil". The piece I painted live was a parody of the classic Ghost busters and Hi-Ci juice boxes which I added the same character from the TV's into the piece.

Domino Effect

I was commissioned to create original paintings for the The Domino Effect stage play. Each piece was inspired by the actual script. I wanted the pieces to be standout contribution for the production instead of being a more direct interpretation.

Art Beat Detroit

The Social art event made its way to Detroit and they brought the best Chicago on-the-rise artist with them. Here, I debuted a new 4 part collection titled " Only in your Dreams, Juan". A short story about a kid name Juan and his infatuation with Rhianna. I wanted to highlight Rhianna's talent of creating captivating magazine spread by juxtaposing Juan into her photo shoots. He play off of her energy, color tones, and style, as if he was really there with her.

Art Beat Chicago March 2016

Artbeat Chicago was a first of many soon to be bi-monthly social art experience that combine the most talented creative, put them under one roof, and let them draw inspiration from a particularartist which in this case was The Weeknd.

Residency at Fulton Market Kitchen on November 2015

For five days in the week of November, I was given the opportunity to paint live in front of hundreds of restaurant diners and art enthusiasts. Fun Fact: On the last day of the residency, I was finishing up a piece that was inspired by my soon to be daughter while my girlfriend was watching but having serious contraction pains. She delivered the very next day!

The Money for Pampers Show July 2015

July 17th, 2015 at the great Zhou B art Center was the day of my first solo exhibition titled "The Money for Pampers Show". The titled stemmed from a play on joke of being a starving artist and finding out that I'm expecting to have a daughter this winter. I've put my heart, soul, and inner dark feelings in those paintings and I was glad to see that the hard work wasn't for nothing. I've met a lot of great people and future connects. Now, we patiently wait for the Fall.

The Money for Pampers show will be showing until August 14th, 2015 at Zhou B Art Center. 1029 W 35th St.  

Artist Month at Acme Hotel October 2014

My "Demons, Inventions, and other Wonderful Things" painting has been chosen to be part of the Chicago Artists Month at ACME hotel Company. I loved how art oriented their hotel is so I put my bid in hoping and praying that I'll get the opportunity, not really thinking I had a shot. Stay tuned for more information.